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Work in Finland




 Probably the best list of directories for job searching

Video: How to get make job searching site work for you

coming soon…

Video: How to bill your work directly

Video: How should I price my work

Video: Setting emails alerts for job announcements


Work in Finland is a group where you can get help

We have had such a great time during occupational safety course. There has been so many questions related to safety and then completely outside the course material.  This page is dedicated to the best topics from occupational safety courses.

 Information on this page is freely available for every one. There is also a group to support journey in Finland. Everyone who has taken the occupational safety course has access to our meetings.

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Video 1: How to use job directories like a master

This is our first video about job directories and the idea of how they can be used. You can actually make them work for you and all you need to is read arriving jobs opportunities from your inbox. Watch the video and tell what do you think.

Some links in the video:

– Job directories you can find under

Free sources to learn Finnish

Job searching in Finland

Ultimate list of job directories

Here you’ll find a list of job directories to use. We are going to update the list regularly and add some of our experiences.

Job directories in Finnish


Te-palvelut is the biggest index for jobs in Finland. There you will definitely find something for you. Problem is also the size. On jobs offer can have several hundreds applications per position.


This is good place to look for work.


Also, a good place to be. More demanding and specific jobs. Here companies actually need to pay some money to have their announcement published so they also serious about the job offer.


Would you like to work for city? Then this is the place to be. Only bad thing is that fluent Finnish is very often required.


Job directories in English 


I don’t have direct experience from this page but it looks promising. I will update this when I checked the page.

 English speaking jobs by LinkedIn

One more LinkedIn page

Try Linked in and their tools for finding jobs.

Work in Finland

Very nice directory and best part is that It’s in English!


This one is new finding for me. It also offers jobs for Finns abroad 🙂 I don’t have experience but looks promising

List just keeps growing. This one I just found and made couple test searches. Why not to check it out.

Jobs in Helsinki

Would you like to work for city of Helsinki. Why not?

Jobs in Vantaa

Same as above but in Vantaa.

** Try google jobs in — name of the city — and most likely you’ll get LinkedIn page about the jobs. Trick works with biggest cities **

Very big directory and here you can also find jobs in green houses. That is heavy work but I like it that way:)


One more directory for long night’s search sessions


Direct company pages




A cleaning company for English speaking people. Here you don’t have to be shy.


Get free road safety Certification level 1 and 2

Today’s course we were talking about certifications and here we have to useful certifications. And the best part is that it’s completely free.

Road safety portal

I’ll add later here more information about road safety works.

Occupational Safety Card Course in English

Occupational Safety Card Course in English

Occupational Safety Card Course in English

Occupational safety card


Why do you need a occupational safety card?

If you want to get access to so-called high risk working environment or any another field co-operating with them, you need to have the occupational safety card. It’s not required by the law but by employers.

There are many safety cards. Which one is the right?

There are several different safety card providers. You should pick the universal one which works on any work place in Finland. That card is provided by TTK ry and our courses are under their wings.

What about the course itself?

The safety card course is a full day activity. There is an interactive webinar (7,5h), and we take a proud to tailor the course as much we can base participants backgrounds. We want that you’ll have a great day, and you’ll reap all the benefits you can. Don’t take our word, but read our reviews.

After the webinar, there is an exam. The exam has 27 questions, and you have to get 23 right. Don’t worry about the exam, it’s my job to prepare you well.

How long it the occupational safety card valid?

The safety card is valid for 5 years, and remember to renew it before it gets old. When you have the valid occupational safety card, you can renew with a half day course. Although many people have chosen to have a full day course with us. It’s our pride to provide a great day to learn!

What do I need to take part?

First pick the suitable course for you from our education shop and then follow the instructions. Basically, you’ll get notification in your email with a schedule and separate bill for the course itself. During the education day, all you need is a device to take part in our webinar. Basically any computer or mobile device with camera and microphone works.

Remember, the more you ask and tell about your goals, the more we can provide useful information.

How fast do I get the card?

You’ll get the occupational safety card straight away. After the course, I’ll provide a certificate that you have taken the course and the digital safety card is activated, usually in 12-48hours. Then the actual physical occupational safety card will arrive in 2–4 weeks by mail.

Basically when the course is done and the exam passed, you can go to the work field.

I’m very happy answer to your questions!

If you have any questions, I’m very happy to answer for those. Just send to me a message by WhatsApp (+358 45 647 37 67) or by email I’m fast to answer.

The day program

The start of the day 8.30

Morning material

Basic of the safety

Then lunch break 12.00-12.45

Afternoon part

Zero accidents and safe ways of working

The exam 15.30

Finishing the course 16.00

Day program and breaks are agreed when we start the day. If you have special needs for the breaks, we’ll adjust.

Tips to make day easier

 Remember, if you missed something or didn’t understand, you can always ask. Our motto is that no one is left behind.

 Under I have a very short video how you can join to the exam in afternoon. Link for the exam is provided in Google Meet chat.


Most commonly asked when signing for the occupational safety exam:

1. What if I don’t have an employer, and it asks the information

2. What is my field?

These are two most common questions when people are signing for the safety exam. Don’t worry! They are just for keeping statics. My recommendations are 1. Employer/looking for a job / self employed and 2. Any field which is closest to your profession. These fields have no impact to your occupational safety card.

Stay tuned for upcoming dates of Occupational Safety Card Courses! If you wish to make a reservation in advance, please email