Only one works everywhere

Only one works everywhere

A bit about cards

Let’s first talk about the safety card first. We all have noticed that many work places requires from you to own the occupational safety card. This requirement doesn’t come from the law, but companies have decided it to be mandatory, if you want to enter the common work place.

The idea with occupational safety training is that everyone understands how the occupational safety system works and what kind of responsibilities every operator has.  And then of course people have basic skills to plan their work to maximize safety, but that’s not the main point of the course.

In recent years, we have got different occupational safety cards on the market. Those are mostly online courses. They provide good information in a clear form. The problem with them is that the actual card is not accepted by many employers. Only one card works on any work field in Finland and that one is provided by TTK ry.


Why our card is accepted everywhere?

Our card is done under TTK Ry supervision and with their guidelines and materials. Every course also includes a webinar kept by a real person, and then there is also the exam.  Every cardholder has got verified training and passed the exam.


Why is our training different?

I’m an occupational safety trainer, but it’s not my main profession. I love efficiency, and the best way to improve your productivity is to eliminate dangers at work and reduce risks. Likewise, I’ll bring as many real life examples to the course as I can. We should understand the topic. Not just to pass the exam and get the card.

Very often participants finds this part to be the best. I love to share real work life examples and also to hear peoples’ background. Together we make the day great.


You and me after the course

 Now you have passed the test and enjoyed the course itself. If you have any questions after the course, you can always contact me and ask. I’ll help as much as I can. It’s also a way for me to learn something new.


Tailored for you

 If you provide a bit of information about your background and targets at work, I can tailor the course. In my opinion, the day has no meaning if it doesn’t fit to your needs.

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